4 Benefits Of Having A Book Club In Your School

Book clubs are a wonderful way to engage students and contribute to the reading culture at your school. Even as an adult, I find it so much more rewarding when I read books that my friends are reading. It’s always a different experience when you are reading a book with someone else. That’s part of the reason why I try to recommend good books that I’ve read to the people around me

Book clubs provide an enjoyable and easy way for your child to develop many literacy skills. Simply by reading books in preparation for book club meetings, your child will develop fluency or the ability to read smoothly and with expression. In addition, he will learn new vocabulary words and be exposed to new ideas and concepts.

Books clubs can be an effective way to use these natural tendencies as a positive tool to engage school students in literature. They also provide the following benefits:

1. Increased Understanding

During a book club discussion, a student can try out his thinking by expressing his interpretation of a word or a passage. His interpretation may be reinforced by others, or he may discover a new way of viewing the characters and events in the book.

2. Developing a Love for Reading
Book clubs may expose students to a variety of genres, helping them discover personal preferences. For example, choosing a science fiction book may catch the attention of boys, who tend to be reluctant readers. Reading is also a way for school students to uncover information about themselves and the world.

3. Creative Opportunities
Each student has a unique way of learning. Book clubs can present opportunities for students to express their ideas in ways that fit their learning style. For example, they can work together on creating presentations to share with the rest of the class. Some students may enjoy reading dramatic passages from the book aloud, dramatizing characters. Other students may enjoy drawing storyboards or creating PowerPoint presentations highlighting the events of the book. Projects can incorporate other skills that are being taught, such as report writing, computer skills or speaking standards.

4. Socializing
Book clubs give tudents a good chance to socialize in class, but it’s focused around reading, instead of other things. They love getting the opportunity to “talk” with their peers and this helps their relationships outside the classroom.

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