How to Get Kids to Love Writing

Writing is an important part of our daily lives. It is, however, a difficult skill to learn and master. By getting a head start with some simple activities, you can help your child begin to develop her writing skills at an early age. By doing so you will be contributing to her future success as a student and as an adult while teaching her how to express herself.

Love to writing comes out of love to reading
Many kids learn to read before they learn to write. Even before they know how to read, they may be excited about it because you read to them. The point is to read to your kids often and to make them fall in love with different stories and with books in general. Often it brings to a desire to create those magically written worlds on their own and kids show interest in writing after all.

Ways to Make Writing FUN!
1. Let them write about things that interest them

So what if he just wrote his 5th book on playing football? At least he’s writing! If his written works all start sounding the same, suggest that he write about the rules of football, how his team won their last game, or a football poem.

2. Participate in competitions

Contests are a great way to remind students that competition should bring out the best in an individual for the greater good of the whole. Encourage the children to participate in online contests, essay competitions, local contests and more that encourage them to write.

3. Give them an audience for their writing
Find ways for them to share what they’ve written. Often times writers are frustrated because they do not have someone to write to. Kids need an audience. A reader. Someone who will respond to their creation, ask questions, or comment. Give them feedback. That audience or reader can make writing more authentic and much more meaningful to young writers.

Remember that your role as a writing coach is to have fun and to honor your child’s imagination. You don’t have to be the drill sergeant in charge of spelling. In fact, research shows us that in the long run, it’s far more important to encourage the communication of ideas than to hamper a child’s style for the sake of correct spelling.

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