From Stowaway to Scholarship! Edo State Government Puts A Smile on Daniel Ihekina’s Face

Daniel Ihekina

It’s a happy ever after story for teenage stowaway Daniel Ihekina, as the Edo state government has offered him a scholarship within the shores of Nigeria.

You would recall that on Saturday August 24th, Daniel stowed away in the wheel well of an Arik Aircraft from Benin to Lagos thinking the plane was going to America.

But in a lucky turn of fate, the 14 year-old met with Edo state Governor, Adams Oshiomole yesterday, and was offered a scholarship to one of the top schools in the state. He was also recently offered a scholarship by the De Raufs’ Volunteer Group, a group of supporters of Osun State Governor Rauf Aregbesola.

In a statement made available to Vanguard, the Governor charged youths not to make such attempts like Daniel did adding that he was a “miracle boy”.

“Without meaning to encourage anyone else, we decided to support him by sending him to one of the top secondary schools in Edo State that is owned by the Government. The reason for opting for a boarding school is that we think that there need to closely watch him which his parents could not do. “He is an intelligent young man with uncommon challenges, but one that has a vision. We had him examined by people who should know and the result confirmed that he is normal.”

We are glad to hear that something this good and helpful was done on his behalf, thanks to the Government.

Don’t you just love his smile in that picture?

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  • Great Man

    I’m glad his state government did the right thing. See how his destiny has changed for the better.

  • Edo boy

    Governor Adams Oshiomole has done well.